From "Vacation Resorts with Dick Van Pattten" to the "colonization" of the U.S. (Dennis Kucinich)

A running Dennis Kucinich artifact is "Campaign Updates" featuring a business-suited female anchor in a newsroom-style set (example here). Watching a couple of these in the past, my first thought was, "where's Kevin Trudeau? Will Dennis himself be showing up to try to sell us herbal supplements?"

Not only do they feature someone who doesn't look like she'd be a far-left supporter discussing things like an appearance by Elizabeth Kucinich at an event held by the International Indigenous Sacred Women's Council (and Red Nation) to commemorate the "colonization" of the U.S. and other far-left mainstays, but the host (Anne Marie Howard)... has hosted such infomercials as "Wealth Building with Donald Trump" and "Vacation Resorts with Dick Van Pattten" (link).

I'm not holding it against Howard, whether she believes in DK's ideas or whether she's just there for a pay check. But, what exactly was DK thinking? Is he trying to provide a bland veneer to his generally wacky ideas? Why not choose someone more of a stereotypical supporter? Like, for instance, Hal? (Yes, the obvious choice is at the beginning, but the others make for a better punch line.)


My brother -in -law knew Kevin Trudeau when he was a USED CAR SALESMAN. In MA he was prosecuted for passing bad checks in huge amounts.....His career Goes to show CRIME DOES PAY!!!