Contact Arnold Schwarzenegger re: Gil Cedillo's financial aid for illegal aliens bill

California state senator Gil Cedillo - sometimes called "One Bill Gil" due to his constant attempts to pass a bill giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens - actually has come up with a multitude of bills designed to give benefits to those who are here illegally. The latest now sits on Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk, awaiting his possible signature.

SB 1 (link) would allow illegal aliens to receive "non-competitive" financial aid for college. Those covered under the "Competitive Cal Grant A and B award program" are not included, but the term "non-competitive" is misleading since every dollar spent on giving such financial aid to illegal aliens could be spent on giving aid to U.S. citizens. That's certainly a difficult choice, but the only way to avoid such choices is to stop incentivizing illegal immigration in addition to encouraging illegal aliens to return to their home countries.

According to this, Arnold hasn't yet made up his mind; he veteod the last try and said the following:

"California has over 100,000 students here legally who apply annually for financial aid to attend college, and our state has limited funds available for this important purpose."

You can send Arnold a FAX here, or just call 916-445-2841.


you can say anything but the pigs will only listen to the sound of money. stand up and say no by the millions or shut up.

_...designed to give benefits to those who are here illegally._ Which he wouldn't be doing if the overwhelming majority of them weren't Hispanic like himself.

You are right eh its all about race for the hispanics and death for us. see it like it is and stand up like human beings and fight back with the will to remove the enemy from this land.

You can send a fax to Arnold on SB1 here (for free):

Fax this pig that is a joke right? the only thing that drug dealers understand is force of arms by a free people.