Mike Huckabee immigration commercial (border fence, from a supporter)

There are a lot of junky homemade videos out there (I know, I've made a few), and I wish I could say the following takes the cake but I'm sure there are things even worse than someone making their own video in support of Mike Huckabee and his position on the border fence... and using Barbie and Ken dolls to do it.

I think they're actually serious, making it kinda sad too. In our world, the Huckster has some sort of connection to LULAC and Tyson Foods, and on a trip to Mexico he suggested to Vicente Fox that Mexico should open their next consulate in Little Rock. Needless to say, Mexico uses its consulates to support illegal immigration to the U.S., specifically their illegal aliens sending money home. If (in an alternate universe) the Huckster were elected president, he might even be worse than Bush, and if he did build the border fence it would just be for show.

The above is the only video from "SuperMikeHuckabee", who joined that site just yesterday. Hopefully the videos to come will be even worse.


what the point of a border? the system may someday build a border political fence but the fence will be build to keep you inside this new idea called the North American Union, THE RACE/POLITICAL SYSTEM WANTS YOU A citizen of the world, if the government was a real government it would have a fence years ago, but it is only a system that want's you as a slave of the race oligarchies of the little third world drug dealers.

Wow it was tough for me to fend through your grammatical errors in order to properly assess how ignorant that statement was. I really wanted to comment on how horrible that video was but whatever someone should build a fence around your computer.

Does Barbie (ahem) hook up with Ken and then have kids who go on to join gangs and fail to graduate from high school? Pretty soon we'll be seeing 'Barrio Barbie' in the stores.

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, speaking to a LULAC Convention in 2005: "Â’Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,Â’ Huckabee said jokingly as the [LULAC] crowd roared in laughter."* Huckabee promotes 'open door' policy at LULAC convention Thursday, Jun 30, 2005 By Wesley Brown Arkansas News Bureau http://www.arkansasnews.com/archive/2005/06/30/News/323746.html

Tom Shuford the system will remove the race race within 50 years if it has its way from the fact of this earth the only so called whites will be ruling from castles and fortress. Its all about mass murder that is why we have no borders.