Al Gore now available in holographic form

Al Gore - before John Kerry the president-in-exile of the United States of America - opened the Tokyo version of Live Earth... as a hologram! Concertgoers invariably said, "kamisata wa merari, holographic-a Al Gore!", which roughly translated means, "The holographic version is even more creepy than the real version!" On the clip he stresses his globalist credentials by literally holding a floating Earth; I had a flashback to watching the (IIRC) United Nations-produced "Big Blue Marble".

Hopefully the holographic data has been replicated on hundreds of servers worldwide so that Gore can continue to spread his global message for centuries to come.


Al Gore will make billions on this deal, what a joke how evil can you get. old Al understand's he has to get us to understand we all have to live like a third world monkey. and hell many people are getting in line, hitler said that the people will always get in line with the great lie. from this point on i am calling Al Gore, Al Hitler.