Congressional Research Service: little evidence of farm labor shortage

From the Congressional Research Service comes "Farm Labor Shortages and Immigration Policy" (PDF). I just scanned it and I didn't review all their disclaimers, but consider this from Page 8 under the headline "A Farm Labor Shortage?":

Trends in the farm labor market generally do not suggest the existence of a nationwide shortage of domestically available farmworkers, in part because the government's statistical series cover authorized and unauthorized workers. This overall finding does not preclude the possibility of farm labor shortages in certain areas of the country at various times of the year (i.e., spot labor shortages).

In the past, there have been an endless a string hacks whining about a shortage. A few:

Craig Regelbrugge of American Nursery & Landscape Association
Ralph G. Neas - president of the People For the American Way
Roxana Hegeman of the Associated Press
Unnamed California farm groups
John Young, co-chairman of the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform
Grape growers
Vermont's Rutland Herald
Dania Akkad of Monterey Herald
Dan Weintraub
Jon Vessey
Tim Chelling of the Western Growers Association
Bill Whitaker of CBS News


its a joke and its funny for now but in 10 years its going to be your job and your home and your life and family. sad fact is when you can't eat and have no place in this coming new order what will you do? word..NOTHING! OH Well that's life?