AP highlights Maus affiliation

As previously noted, the AP has at least twice mentioned Georgia illegal immigration advocate Teodoro Maus without disclosing that he's a former Mexican consul general. However, the recent report "Advocates plan rally to call for immigration reform" - which has as its byline "by The Associated Press", has this:
ATLANTA - Leaders in the Latino community and immigration advocates plan a rally next week to call for immigration reform.

The former Mexican consul general in Atlanta -- Teodoro Maus -- says organizers hope to march Saturday Sept. 30 from CNN center to the state Capitol that day. Organizers -- led by the Coordinating Council of Community Leaders -- do not yet have a permit for the march...
Whether that was added by Access North Georgia, whether it was written by an AP staff writer, or whether it's content from a local source that's being published under the AP name is unclear. At post time this appears to be the only instance of that report.

In any case, it will indeed be even more suspicious if the AP fails to note the affiliation in future reports.