Sleazy Phil Angelides pimps daughter's ethnicity at Latino event

Phil Angelides has three daughters, all of them "hot". However, while you wouldn't know it by looking at them, one of them (Megan) is more special than the others. Not only is she really a step-daughter, she's a prop.

Speaking before the "National Latino Congreso" on Thursday ("Angelides campaigns at key Latino gathering" by Edwin Garcia/Media News), Angelides reached so low in the barrel he was under the stand on which the barrel was located:

And Angelides did something he rarely, if ever, has done in public: He introduced his daughter, Megan, by the last name of her biological father, Garcia.

Exactly how American is such a bald attempt at ethnic pandering? Isn't that more akin to what's done in the Balkans or certain African nations?

If a certain ethnicity requires that one be of their blood, should we encourage that? Should we be alarmed at the segment of the Hispanic community - including most of their self-appointed leaders - who put their race ahead of more important things such as their country?

Did the Democratic Party ever really support looking at the content of someone's character over the color of their skin? Will other Democrats frantically search through their family trees - conducting DNA tests as necessary - in order to show that they would faithfully and racially represent their voters' interests?


That poor kid, with such a user for a father. Oh well, they're probably rich enough to pay for all her therapy later.