Dianne Solis, Alfredo Corchado, Dallas Morning News downplay Mexican meddling

Those reporters offer "Latino leaders to discuss 'Great American Boycott' in Mexico City" which contains this wildly inaccurate paragraph:

In March, as student walkouts and protests spread across the United States, the Mexican government ordered its 46 consulates to stay away from the marches, fearing a backlash among anti-immigrant groups. With a tragic history of foreign interventions in Mexico, the Mexican government long ago adopted a strict policy of non-interference in policy debates of the United States, in the hopes that the United States would do the same.

That paragraph could have been written by Rob Allyn himself: the Mexican government continually attempts to insert itself into internal U.S. policy decisions, especially those related to their citizens who are in our country illegally. (Next to that, the use of "anti-immigrant" is just a minor matter).

Dozens of examples of Mexico meddling in our internal politics could be provided, but for a start see "Mexico's Undiplomatic Diplomats" by Heather MacDonald. See "The Big Show on the Border" for examples of their consular officials traveling the backroads of the U.S., passing out Matricula Consular cards to their citizens who are here illegally. Then, there's the cases of Richfield Minnesota, Napa California, St. Clair County Michigan, and countless others.

In the article, Solis and Corchado go on to state that the "Institute of Mexicans Abroad" is a "historical exception", of which there have been "some". Obviously, there have been many, many more than just "some".

Since I couldn't find their ombudsman, I think this might be the correct person to contact: Linda Leavell Senior Editor - News lleavell *at* dallasnews.com