Drudge flash: Bush supports globalism!

Seriously, that can't be news. Whether Bush is himself a member of the globalist elite or just one of their employees can be debated, but one thing is clear: he's a globalist through and through.

It's also a false choice to pretend that the only alternative to globalism is "isolationism". One other alternative is to generally support foreign trade, but to be very wary of foreign entanglements.

Bush strongly supports the former, but at the same time doesn't seem to have found a foreign entanglement that he didn't rush to support.


Yes, Bush is definately a globalist. He always encourages more foreigners coming in here. He's all for outsourcing and H 1b visas. He's all for illegal immigration. He wants to make Mexico, the U.S. and Canada one big combined, open bordered area. People could come and go as they please and guess which way they would be coming. This would erase our sovereignty, if we still have any. I am all for the Sensenbrenner bill and no "guest worker" plan. There is no such thing as a temporary worker, we all know that today's temporary worker is tomorrow's permenent worker here. Just say NO!

I will try to remember globalizaton vs globalism past when I sign off. Maybe I should write it down.

Another on is invasion vs. infiltration. Invasion usually connotes some resistance or opposition. Infiltration connotes the movement of one people into the country of another by a somewhat unopposed means. Anyway, I think we are being infiltrated by illegal aliens from Mexico. Were the Minutemen permanently stationed by the border it would be an invasion; otherwise there is no opposition. A funny thing is how the Border Patrol positions its permanent inspection stations on highways leading north from Mexico. They are almost always after an intersection so that one can turn off the highway before being inspected. Strange, but true. Check it out sometime.

Globalization or Globalism. Two different things. Capitalism is globalization. Globalism is the support of international bodies like the UN, World Bank, Council of Foreign Relations stuff, etc etc etc. I suspect Bush is in favor of Globalism. The elites vs nationalism. That's why he doesn't do anything about the Mexican invasion.

By the way, I put in a good word for ya at Red State. Check the Sunday Morning Talk Show thread.