Badnarik... for Congress?

In a barely noticed move, libertarian/loony Michael Badnarik is running for Congress in Texas' 10th District. He'll be facing off against Michael McCaul. In our time/space continuum, McCaul is a Republican. The candidate - who only lost the presidential election by many dozens of millions of votes - is embarking on a "listening tour". The district includes such metropoli as Katy, Brenham, Tomball and, just barely, Austin. We wish him and the Libertarian Party luck in whatever dimension they find themselves.


See how Socialist Democrats vote and support for the Small Business people in America , its a shameful and disgracing act . Copy and paste this address to your address bar to read the report from the Number 1 Small Business support group in the Nation , the National Federation of Independent Business

C:\Drivers\Video\HCV108 108th congress voting results.pdf

Have a look at this site.

Howdy , I am a small Business person , and the thing that pisses me off the most is that here in America as a Capitalistic society , we see the trend to Socialism more and more than ever !1 Our government over the years with the implementation of the WTO , NAFTA deal back in 1994-5 , with a Tarriff free import program , was the biggest screw up ever ! It has killed off all the small business people , and the only ones left are Minority , subsidied , Socialist , kinda props, and Big business is even peakijg out on how the profits stack up year in and out , anymore , and the fact that all the wealth of the retail markets is consolidated to the point that all the Big Corps are doing is Hoarding the Cash , as it shows on their public Frickin accounting records , and is why if the United States Government doesn't started writing Policies that support more Small Business in this Frickin country , before long , we will see a Crash of Capitalism , and then we will be at the cross roads of How we best keep the Society functioning , and that is when we will see a Frickin Democratic Socialistic movement take over , and kill off the USA as we know it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe this more than ever , because we got a goupe of people called the Democratic Party , that has been pushing this trend for the past 30 frickin years , and they want it more than ever , because they don't support Small Business as a whole in our country , and it pisses me off !!!!!!!! until I see the Free and Fair Support of our government , supporting all forms of Frickin Business in America , so we can stimulate people to want to achieve from their own efforts instead of the Frickin Government Taxing the hell out of everyone and then giving it back in some fricking Program , like a Frickin Socialist , so we can have a better chance to create more Respectable , Honnorable , Dignified societies rise up , in the world , not just the USA, so people are busy creating , rather than hate driven motivation , like I see the Frickin Democrats always promoting , Think about it , all the Frickin Democrats do is stand up and say thangs about other people that promote " Hate " hate that SOB , because he ain't a Frickin Democrat , is what they should all be saying . I tell ya if we don't quit this frickin hate motivating type of Promotion all the time , in the public eye , we are going to see the future as not such a bright one . I am glad we are fighting crouption in Government , but by golly we need to instead of just spouting off hatred as the Counter play , we need to be spouting off alternative plans for America , and that better not be Frickin Socialism , I am a Free Person ,and i won't support a Person in this Country that wants America to become a Socialist Society , and if we don't start supporting more small business in this country to keep the wealth more evenly re-distributed , then we will see the biggest struggle in America you have ever seen .

Howdy partner , hey I like the MSN site , its my home page . Please don't lean to a Socialist side though , by leaning left . The left wants America to become a Socialist direction , and is why the don't support Small Business , and want to see Big Business prevail as the strong hold for our economy , which is Concentrating the wealth of all the retail markets into to few a hands , and is why we are seeing a free market Capitalistic Society , struggling to function properly . The idea that Big Business can import and flood out our free markets with tarriff free imports , plus those imports being made in countries where currencies are a 10th of the value of the USA is not fair free competition , its Manipulation , and is undermining our ability to compete as Free market entreprenuers all over the world , not just here in the USA . I don't mean that Big Business should be curtailed , but for sure we should all be able to comete fairly for the markets with our intuition , not by who can manipulate the markets based off of Currency Rates , and Tarriff free markets . So until I see the whole damn American Government supporting ALL FORMS of BUSINESS in AMERCA , I stand on the side of the Republican Party because they Stand for all forms of Business , by the way My NFIB membership shows me in how Congress support issues relating to Small Business policies . Cheaper Imports are not all bad , but in order to keep a Higher level of income going in our country , we have to be doing some of what we have exported to Cheaper producing areas . If we don't then we will fall Victim to the old devaluing situation that took place during the 14th century in England called Greshams Law , where the loss of Currency Value in England took place while they were trading with North Africa , for cheaper products , and ended up losing all their good paying jobs to that country , and ended in devaluing down to that countries currency value , because know one was left making any enough money to keep buying at the higher level like it was when they started out sourcing the work to the cheaper producing country . Balance is Key , and Greed by the few Big Businesses to control their markets with tarriff free imports is choking off the Bottom line . If you look up Socialism in the Dictionary , it says " A method or process where the producers hold both the political power , " Key here is Special Interests " , and the means to produce , and the distribution ", so with the way the Big Business manipulates the Government to write trade policies like we have now , and the way some on the hill don't support all forms of Business , is why it apears to me that we are spiraling right towards Socialism . And rewriting what America was founded on , and is undermining the rights of the people under our constitution , and killing off our ability to inspire or be inspired to use our intuition , and to learn to trust our abilities , and want to learn how to drive ourselves to succeed as individuals , which would make America a Better place for all !!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to give you a link to the NFIB website on how Congress Votes for small Business so you can see how Democrats vote for Small Business entreprenuers in our Country , so you can ask yourself if you feel like if you wanted to try and be a small business person , if you really stand a chance giving the way our government supports us as entreprenuers , then ask yourself if you feel like a Free enterprizer or a peasant of the Socialist government that is making a show like they are supporting a Free enterprizing system . Thanks for your time , and have a great day in the Mighty USA . Tony Newbill out Wickenburg way in Arizona

C:\Drivers\Video\HCV108 108th congress voting results.pdf