"Hatred and retaliation won't fix the migration problem"

Someone named Kelly Arthur Garrett is apparently an American reporter who lives in Mexico. She offers the titular piece, which starts with this:
What a sad commentary on the state of the migration policy debated when asimple call for bilateral cooperation loosens an avalanche of anti-Mexico vitriol from misguided Americans who confuse sword rattling with patriotism.
Then, she follows that with reading bits from the mail she received about an earlier column. While she apparently wants the reader to disagree with most of her epistlers, I'm having trouble doing so since most of them are completely right. Obviously, I could waste my time showing how most are indeed right, but instead I'll just provide this:
Here's the way two researchers put it two years ago: "Offering to work more closely with Mexico on trade and migration, the United States can press its neighbor both to adopt reforms that will help its workforce achieve parity in earning power and to develop common procedures and competencies in law enforcement, immigration policy, and defense. Perhaps integration may then come close to becoming a reality."

Is that a call to treason? Leftist propaganda? Hardly. That plea for bilateral migration cooperation is quoted from a report by the very architect of the conservative ideology that currently reigns in the United State — the Heritage Foundation.
Here's the report she's refering to. As you might have guessed, the "integration" refered to in the quote above is "continental integration", aka a sovereignty-sapping scheme to join the U.S., Canada, and Mexico together into an EU-style superstate. I'll leave it to the reader to determine whether simply calling for such a form of governance rises to the level of treason or not, or whether one would need to actually try to bring it about to meet the requirements of that most serious charge.


"Perhaps integration may then come close to becoming a reality."

Oh yeah -- after seeing the on-the-ground reality of virtually out-of-control immigration from Mexico we're all pining for more of it via "integration".

If she is based in Mexico it is likely she lives in Mexico City. I've met other people who have lived and worked there and voice similar views on "migration", where the 'solution' openly or implicitly is to allow just about every Mexican who desires it to move to the US. It's not like you can't see poverty and squalor in Mexico City -- there is plenty of it there. But after brief sightseeing in the city you probably don't seek it out anymore, and in the circles a professional journalist travels in I'm sure all the Mexicans are fairly well-educated and pretty nice, which begets a 'What's the problem?' attitude that as I suggested is hard to reconcile with the reality resulting from mass immigration from Mexico one sees in the US.

Her suppressed major premiss would be that all cooperation between countries is good, or, at least, not traitorous. Not all cooperation or collaboration is good; much less all cooperation between countries. If not so, what happened to Poland and the Baltic states in 1940? What did the defeatists do to France in the same year, with their international cooperation with Germany? How can any good be expected from a corrupting cooperation with Mexico? If they had something of value to offer, there would be no need to dishonestly present bilateral cooperation as valuable in itself. Cession of sovereignty for no value received, or for new burdens to be received, is indeed traitorous. Those who advocate cession of sovereignty, have the burden of proof on them. they must prove that there is value to gained thereby.

You really can't fix this outrage, only with the ideals of real life can you see this political and race problem and until that time comes you will get millions of the people of the third world coming here with hands out and taking the place for billions of dollars a day. and both the left and right want that to happen for one reason the total dismantling of this nation.

and if we as a people still walk down this evil path we will adopt only one thing, a third world life! the mexican government has nothing on its evil little mind, but one thing to make this mexico for its evil marxist and corrupt low life government so the oligarchies of mexico can become one with the rats in our low life oligarchies, "I say death to the enemies of the bill of rights", long live the ideals of 1776, anyone want to cut my head off? come and try it little rats.