Jupiter Florida's illegal alien hiring hall coming soon

From the Palm Beach Post:
JUPITER — Town and church officials are on the verge of negotiating a deal that would establish the first day-labor hiring center for immigrant workers in Palm Beach County.

The town council's approval on Tuesday of two proposed neighborhoods in Abacoa — Windsor Park and Mallory Creek — has allowed the town to pursue buying the LifeSong Community Church building near town hall. Once the two neighborhoods are built, the church will move to Abacoa.

The church building is expected to cost the town $1.95 million and will be leased to Catholic Charities to open the Neighborhood Resource Center, which among other things would be a day-labor hiring center...
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There is an IRS form that will keep the illegals aliens or any aliens from sending money home from profit of a house sold or bought in US. All mortgage companies ask for this form to be signed. this form needs to be reinforced just like all the other laws on the books that don't allow for illegal aliens to remain here.

-A real estate agent