Herndon VA: illegal alien hiring hall won't check immigration status

From this:
The staff at a newly approved day laborer center in Herndon will not check the immigration status of the workers who use the facility, town officials said yesterday.

Herndon Mayor Michael O'Reilly, a proponent of the center, said organizers who sought the town's approval for establishing such a center told officials it was not their job to check the workers' legal status.

"The applicant said it was not their job and that they didn't have the capacity to enforce federal immigration law," Mr. O'Reilly said yesterday. "It was clear they will not be checking legal documentation."
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That is scary. I think the more important question your children will ask is why are there so many more diseases that weren't around before illegals came with infected with diseases and not immunized like US children must be before entering US school systems? American children have to be immunized heck if they aren't CPS can be called and the child can be taken away yet illegals don't have to and are not forced to like US children are to immunize their children.

Hey at Stony Brook Univeristy in Stony Brook, NY on long Island there is a professor there who here from another country on a temp pass and wil give his class of 300 students extra credit for having an illegal immigrant (an oxymoron) shall we say illegal alien stay in your home or sponsor him in some way shape or form. Scary and this was reported to the university and it was allowed to continue. This professor is located in the social science building. He also implied that if students didn't want to do this that they were racist rather than the real fact...they didn't want to brake the law by sponsoring an illegal alien.

so what this guy is saying forget the laws? so what happens if i don't follow the laws?

your children will see a day when people will ask what place was this called a 100 years ago?..Some little mexican will say "I think it was called America"?

Nor, I'm sure, will they check crime or health reports. This is a big accident just waiting to happen. If you hire a laborer in a public parking lot (don't - but if you do), you know that you are taking a chance. Your potential risk, your potential gain. If you hire him in a local government sanctioned and supported day laborer site, you might assume that you are somehow safer. Are you? And if not, who gets sued?