WSJ readers learn about "reconquista" in anti-Akaka editorial

Former Senators Slade Gorton and Hank Brown offer "E Pluribus Unum?" about Hawaii's Akaka Bill. That would create a race-based governing body in that state just for native Hawaiians. A blood test to determine eligibility is involved.

Of interest to the issue of illegal immigration, it includes this bit:

They would begin a process of splintering sovereignties in the U.S. for every racial, ethnic or religious group traumatized by an identity crisis. Movement is already afoot among a few Hispanic Americans to carve out race-based sovereignty from eight western states because the U.S. "wrongfully" defeated Mexico in the Mexican-American war.

No doubt there are thousands of WSJ readers who got that far and then said, "What???? But, the WSJ told me that we need open borders! What were they thinking?"


Amazing, isn't it? Maybe it's a left hand, right hand sort of problem.