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Here's your chance to comment on these articles which haven't yet been featured in their own posts:

* Despite plenty of finger-pointing, border protests relatively peaceful

* Latino Restaurant Workers Offered Free Financial Management Classes (Freddie Mac is involved, and someone from a mislabeled far-left group refers to "undocumented immigrants". However, no word is given on whether the workers are legal or not, although we might be able to surmise that many or most are given the involvement of these groups. And, of course, we might ask what other race-based programs Freddie Mac offers.)

* And, more importantly, this interview:
Bush said he expects Congress this year to adopt one of his key legislative priorities, an immigration bill that permits "guest workers" and tightens border security, particularly along the U.S. boundary with Mexico...

On immigration reform, the president said he hopes to resolve differences with members of the Senate who are pushing for a more lenient law for illegal immigrants seeking work in the United States.

"This should not be an amnesty program," he said.

Bush's plan would provide temporary visas to guest workers. They would have to leave afterward, and program participants would get no special consideration when they apply for legal residence.

"It's very important for the American people to know immigration reform will be done with a border security initiative that makes it clear to the people that we will do everything we can to stop illegal people from coming into our country," Bush said.

He said a well-run guest worker program would help border security by taking pressure off the Border Patrol. If those who wish to enter the country to work can do so legally, he reasoned, fewer will try to infiltrate the border secretly.

Flush from the series of legislative successes last week, the president expressed confidence that he can cut through strong, opposing political feelings on immigration and come out with a bill.

"I think there is broad agreement that the system is not working," Bush said. "It's a very important issue and it's an issue that we've got to get right."
Actually, there's broad agreement that Bush is not doing his job. There's absolutely nothing stopping him from having enacted his border security initiative at any time in the past five years. Perhaps one day some brave reporter will actually call him on his BS, but don't expect that to happen any time soon.

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The only thing that illegal immigrants "help" the economy is by putting more money into a select few pockets. The overall economic impact to this country is NEGATIVE. Illegal immigrants hold wages down, have much to do with the disappearance of health care insurance for our workers, cause our welfare costs to soar, overcrowed our hospitals for FREE care. There is NOTHING positive for the ordinary working family in illegal immigration.

Do you realize that if we ONLY strictly enforced the immigration laws that we NOW have on the books our immigration problems would be cut by 2/3. The fact is that NO law enforcement agency wants to take any action out of fear of being chastised by the Federal Government or being viewed as a "racist" organization. Doesn't THIS frost your balls?

it is duplicitous for him to say it's not working, as if they're weren't enough laws to make it work. Bush has no credibility on border security or immigration law enforcement. He's been taking the law into his own discretion, as if this were supposed to be a society of official discretion, without laws. Bush is an outlaw on immigration law enforcement.