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Rep. Chris Cannon is off the immigration subcommittee

Oh happy day:

...today it's being announced that Rep. [Chris] Cannon, the "point man" in Congress for the White House on immigration, is off the immigration subcommittee...

For the tens of thousands of American families already devastated by Chris Cannon's work in Congress, e.g., on H-1b visas, it's too late, of course, but the news of Cannon's exit has to be seen as another enormously encouraging sign that the transnational ideologues running the show at the White House will be unable to do much beyond duping the president.

The big losers with Cannon's exit are the immigration lawyers and the Wall Street Journal...

ProjectUSA has filed four formal complaints so far with the House Ethics Committee asking for an investigation into Congressman Chris Cannon, and we're working on a fifth. Requests for investigations are also pending or active with at least three federal law enforcment agencies. Chris Cannon, in other words, won't likely fade from the scene and we'll keep you updated on the progress of those investigations...

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