Janet wants to sign Prop. 200?

For some unknown reason: Napolitano wants OK to get law ready to go:

..."We're obligated to implement the law unless a judge tells us we can't," said Napolitano, adding her proclamation is merely a formality. She said state agencies are ready to carry out Proposition 200 when the judge tells them to do so.

Daniel Ortega, one of the lawyers who filed the federal lawsuit in Tucson challenging Proposition 200's constitutionality, declined to comment on Napolitano's legal maneuvering.

On Dec. 22, Bury will consider evidence for and against the anti-illegal immigration measure. He could issue an injunction or let it become law.

In other strange news, I had to double check that the above does in fact use the word "illegal" instead of their (past?) practice of conveniently omitting that bit.