OMG! OMG! You won't believe who I think I just saw!


I think - I'm pretty sure - I think I JUST SAW MICHAEL KINSLEY AT THE EAGLE ROCK TARGET!!!!!!

I was so shocked I didn't try to speak to him, but I'm pretty sure it was him! OMG! I almost PMPed! He was about 5'11" 160 with short-cropped hair and wearing a yellow/orange button-down shirt.

Let me put it this way: if it wasn't him, someone looks just like him and wears his glasses!

He had a cart with several items in it and he looked straight ahead all the time with a kind of dour look on his face. I couldn't help but stare at him, but he never looked at me. He must have known I knew who he was. I couldn't help myself and I followed him a bit before he went downstairs with the cart. Despite me staring at him as he went downstairs, he never looked at me. That pretty much tells me he knew I knew who he is.

If you're Michael Kinsley - or you know him - tell him the guy in the black short pants who yelled "Aren't you Michael Kinsley" after him was me!

Next week: a discussion of the time I saw the top of Patt Morrisson's hat off in the distance.