"Shut The Sanctuary"

From Investor's Business Daily:

Is America's establishment finally waking up to the fact that the country has a serious, dangerous border problem? One sign of raised consciousness, currently on newsstands, is a Time magazine cover story that sounds the alarm about illegal immigration and blasts the federal government for failing to enforce its laws, especially those against the hiring of illegals...

[...discussion of the Protect Arizona Now initiative (Prop. 200)...]

Every one of the interests lined up against Proposition 200 has some reason to favor the status quo. Businesses like the cheap, compliant labor. Unions have long since abandoned their old resistance to low-wage foreign workers and now see them as potential members. The Democrats see them in much the same way, as future Democratic voters.

The GOP is split. There is significant unrest in the ranks, but party leaders, including the president, think much like the Democrats.

State and local governments don't want to be bothered with the unpleasant task of screening people and turning many away. Hispanic activists and their media cheerleaders readily distort measures such as Proposition 200 as "anti-immigrant" when what they really do is show a much-deserved preference to immigrants who are obeying the law...

Without such [all the incentives to be here illegally], the human tide would surely drop to a more manageable level. That truth is beginning to penetrate at least some minds in the mainstream media, and the voters of Arizona may soon do what they can to shut the sanctuary down.