An NWO flashback

From April 17, 2001's "Bush envisions Western Hemisphere free trade zone":
President Bush pledged to representatives of nearly every nation in the Western Hemisphere Tuesday that he would press Congress for fast-track trade authority to help create a free trade zone throughout the Americas.

Bush, in his inaugural address to the Organization of American States in Washington, said high-level operatives of his administration would lay the groundwork for the trade zone at this weekend's Summit of the Americas in Quebec, Canada...
Somewhat related: there are interesting viewpoints from questionable sources here and here.


A number of these countries have unspeakably exploitative child-labor customs and practices. If they are allowed to sell the products of those practices, it is like legalizing the sale of stolen goods or pirated copyright or patent knock-offs in a rich market. It encourages the thieving and enslavements, and gives the parents reason to have larger families and live on the child labor, and thus continually worsen the poverty problem, which it is pretended will be alleviated. The proponents know this; it has been pointed out to them repeatedly for generations. If one is abjectly beholden to the contraband-smugglers aggrandizement on the southern border, the worse things get in the countries to the south, the better.