An Open Letter to Howard Dean

Dear future-President Dean:

I have been a supporter of yours since the very beginning of your campaign. Day after day I've turned to you for wise guidance on today's news events, and I've cheered on your attempts to overturn selected pResident $hrub and $hrubCo.

Now, with the news of the "capture" of "Saddam Hussein," all of your supporters and all of AmeriKKKa are in desperate need of your leadership.

I hope you will investigate this "capture" and consider all of the strange coincidences involved. For instance, consider the fact that Bush knew about the "capture" the night before, but said nothing. And, consider the fact that this "capture" comes on the heels of yet more news of Halliburton misdeeds. Coincidence? I think not.

Further, Saddam is reported to be cooperative and talkative. The real Saddam would have resisted or committed suicide rather than be captured by the AmeriKKKans.

I say "the real Saddam" because I do not believe this is the real Saddam. I think instead this is yet another one of Saddam's doubles who has been hired by $hrubCo and his NeoCon handlers to impersonate Saddam.

I urge you to consider all possibilities here, and not to take pResident Shrub's statements at face value. I - and millions of other AmeriKKKans - are counting on you to be the lone voice of truth in the wilderness.




Jeb, read his other logs, you'll be reassured that the Lone Wacko isn't a true wacko like Dean.

Go change your diapers Democrats. WAAHHHHH!!! EWWWAHHHHH!!!

Wow, I'm amazed at the dramatic numbers of people flocking to sign your open letter. Oh wait, no one signed it. Just you. And here's an article about the DNA tests that proved it was Saddam.,1282,61614,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3

I agree with DangerMouse in hoping that this is parody and you don't actually believe this rant.

While you're at it, can you ask Dean to pass the roach?


I followed your link from Daily Pundit here to see what you actually had to say.

Parody is a useful device, but it is possible to cross a line in one's parody beyond which one cannot tell whether you are indeed writing parody or a truly wacko, although sincerly held, opinion.

If I didn't know you already, I would say you actually believe this.