Maybe it really is a circus

Many of your questions about the upcoming California recall can be answered by viewing these pictures. They were shot earlier today at the Los Angeles County registrar's office in the last hour before the 5pm deadline to file. All told, 125 people have filed statewide, however some of those will probably be rejected due to problems with their application.

Those filing at the last minute at the registrar's office include:

- James Tsangares, a Republican candidate who wants to recall Arnold...

- former NFL linebacker (and current Reebok office linebacker) Terry Tate...

- public speaking expert Lynda Toth, who, as governor, would convene a large board of business and other leaders to help solve CA's problems...

- Ruben Paul Vega, who wants to bring Nevada-style gambling to CA. He exited the registrar's office as all the news people were leaving, and, despite trying to get one of them to interview him, none decided to do it.

One candidate who was unable to register was Jim Dimov, who wants to eliminate all taxes. Unfortunately, he was a few minutes late and wasn't allowed to register. However, he promises that he'll take the matter to court.

Other notable attendees included a Norwalk resident who had had his Terminator cup (that he got at Universal Studios) signed by Ahnold. eBay is one suggested future venue for the cup.

The owner of also dropped by, and expressed his support for Arnold. The one from Diff'rent Strokes, that is! He also promised to pay the car tax for the first 35 people who would buy cars from him.

Travel agency owner Tony Srivastan also threw his hat into to the ring.

Unfortunately, some candidates don't seem to be quite at the same leading edge as, say, Howard Dean.

My first candidate interview was with Sergio Myers. He seemed personable enough, however, his campaign manager interrupted our conversation:

"Excuse me, what's your interest?"
"I'm a blogger."
"A what?"
"I have my own web site."
"Well, thanks for your interest, and keep watching our campaign [now get lost]"

Well, no blogging votes for Sergio then. Unfortunately, he probably won't experience the wrath of the blogosphere, as he appears to be a Hollywood producer just doing it for the publicity.

On a more serious note, I also secured the financial disclosure documents for Simon, Ahnold, Arianna, and Larry Flynt. Flynt lists the heavy advertisers to his magazines, some of whom have quite interesting names.

Arianna's statement is quite thin, indicating only that her home and her business are worth more than $1 million.

Ahnold's statement includes various real estate and business ventures, trusts for Maria, and the like.

Simon's statement is about 1/2 inch thick, and I'm not going to even bother reading it.


Arnold is Interesting. But do you think he deserves to be governor ?

Hey Lonewacko,

I'm doing a documentary on the recall. I see that you (sort of) interviewed Sergio Myers. Did you happen to get contact info on him? I would like to talk with him.

Thanks in advance.


Mickey Ganesh Says:

Schwarzenegger probed by Justice

Arnold Schwarzenegger to meet with GOP officials to discuss his need for drug testing.

It was disclosed on Friday Aug. 8, that John Ashcroft was disturbed by the possibility that Arnold Schwarenegger may not be the best possible choice to run for Governor of California. "Just what does Arnold do and when does he do it?" It's not easy being a rippling behemoth with out some help from outside sources.

Gold Standard for Ashcroft
Ashcroft stated,
"I am concern about just what Arnold did to get those big biceps. It seems to me that all public officials should live by the same standard."

Ashcroft, Schwarenegger Face off: The hearning will be conducted soon: Sources say, the Ashcroft investigation will be conducted in tongues and Schwarenegger is to answer all questions in spanish.

Arnold's only office held was under the Reagan Administration, as some sort of fitness freak, he promoted body builting and posturing. His ability to pump iron is legendary, his ability for deep thought is also legendary.

There should be some sort or shake out on this issue within the next few weeks. Arnold was quoted as saying, "That was then, this is now." I love kids and California, I love to make movies and pump iron and I don't need no stinking steroids to run for Govenor, we need leadership. We need strong leadership"
Mickey Ganesh