Benjy Sarlin thinks a pro-corporate libertarian immigration position is leftwing

Benjy Sarlin of MSNBC doesn't know which side is which. He offers "Is an anti-immigration think tank moving left?" ( ), about the Heritage Foundation hiring loose borders advocate Stephen Moore as chief economist. It includes this line: "The question now is whether Moore can drag Heritage toward the center on immigration."

First, the Heritage Foundation isn't "anti-immigration": they don't in any way oppose the concept of immigration.

More importantly, Moore's immigration position is libertarian and very pro-corporate: the loose borders he wants would reduce U.S. wages closer to world levels, making things worse for millions of Americans. Benjy Sarlin presents that as an example of "moving left". Is it? Moore's position is that of the Wall Street Journal, the CATO Institute, and the Koch family: groups not exactly known for being on the left side of things. The immigration position they want isn't traditionally left, right, or center: it's libertarian and (at least in the short term) good for businesses.

The question becomes, why is the immigration position of Benjy Sarlin and MSNBC close to that of libertarians like the Koch brothers? Please send him a tweet asking that question (@BenjySarlin), or look up his supporters on Twitter and ask them the same question. Note that, despite lots of trying, Sarlin hasn't answered this question from four months ago. See if you can get an answer.